Newlands Cross Medical Centre Fees



GP Standard Consultation – €70 (from June 1st 2024)

GP Standard Consultation + Bloods done on the same day – €95

GP Review Standard Consultation – €35 (if seen again with the same single issue, within 10 days)

Nurse Standard Consultation – €35

Driving Licence Medical – €70

STI Screening for both Male and Females – €100 (includes the initial consultation; blood tests, swabs and urine tests as needed; and follow-up care as needed)

Investigations / Procedures:

Blood Tests – €30 (€25 GMS)

ECGs (tracings of your heart rhythm) – €50

24 hour Blood Pressure Monitor – €100 (this is the Gold Standard test for diagnosis and monitoring of high blood pressure)

Cryotherapy – €70 for 1st visit which includes consultation and cryotherapy. €30 per session for subsequent visits

Ear Syringing – €35 (with nurse). To confirm ear wax / foreign body etc is in fact the issue, you will need to be seen by the GP first, prescribed appropriate drops as necessary, and the standard consultation fee will apply for this.

Injections – €20 (eg B12, Prolia etc)

Women’s Health:

Repeat Pill Consultation (with Nurse Sue – if this is the only issue) – €40

Long Acting Contraception Service including Mirena Coil Insertion, Implanon Insertion and Depo Injections  – please ask us about pricing

Cervical Smears – FREE if due same through Cervical Check (age 25-60). Fee for private smear outside of this age range – €65

Antenatal and Postnatal Care – FREE – covered via the Combined Care Scheme (Note: medical issues not directly related to the pregnancy are not covered under this scheme and are subject to the standard charges)


Childhood Immunisations – FREE via Childhood Immunisation Scheme

Flu Vaccine and Pneumococcal Vaccines – FREE (if GMS/DVC card holder and in appropriate “at risk” group)

Pertussis (Whooping Cough – recommended for all pregnant women between 16 and 36 weeks gestation) –FREE

Tetanus Vaccine

Hepatitis B Vaccine

Meningococcal B Vaccine

Other Services:

Occupational Medicine

Pre-employment Medicals

Medico-Legal Reports

Medical Card / Doctor Visit Cards

Medical Card and Doctor Visit Card Patients – please be aware that these cards do not cover all services. You are required to pay directly for some services.


A number of additional services are not covered under the GMS contract and patients are required to pay directly for these services:

  • Bloods (any routine blood testing .eg. for screening purposes or therapeutic drug monitoring)
  • Creche or School Attendance notes and certificates
  • Medical examinations or reports for legal purposes
  • Examinations relating to insurance policies
  • Examinations relating to fitness to drive (either for the NDLS or your insurance company)
  • Pre-employment examinations/School entry examinations
  • Examinations in connection with fitness to take part in sports
  • Passport/Identity Reports
  • Some vaccinations
  • Preventative Services .eg. Screening tests- including the Well Man, Well Woman etc.

Please click here to visit an Irish Medical Organisation document for confirmation of this.

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