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A message from Newlands Cross Medical Centre about Covid-19 and changes to the GP service:

Are you taking on new patients at the moment?

Unfortunately, due to the pressure on our existing service we are currently unable to take on new patients at this time.

Children’s nasal FLU Vaccine : Booking available online here for Friday November 11th 

We are doing the children’s nasal Flu vaccines again this year. Parents should have been texted a booking already. Our first 2 clinics had full uptake so we are adding a 3rd date on Friday November 11th. This is for all children age 2-17 and is just a simple nasal drop into the nose. Painless, and no injection/needle!

Will you be giving any further Covid-19 vaccine boosters or Flu vaccines?

Yes. Please call us to book and we’ll tend add you to the list for a mini-Covid vaccine clinic. You can book in for the Flu via phone or if you happen to be in for a routine appointment then please ask for the Flu vaccine when you’re in and we’ll try get you sorted during your consultation. Please read the below to be sure you are eligible.

You can get your second Covid booster dose now with us if you are:

Patients age 65 and older are now eligible for a 3rd booster vaccine. The booster vaccine we have in stock is the new adapted Pfizer vaccine.

Please click here to see if you are eligible for the Flu vaccine.

Welcome to a new doctor:

We are delighted to welcome Doctor Sarah Cummins to Clondalkin. She joined us mid-Summer and has fit in very well with the rest of the team. It is great to have another new female doctor in D22.

New Practice Facebook and Instagram Page:

We have created a Facebook and Instagram page to provide an interactive platform on which to share health information. Check the Facebook page out here and the Instagram page here and please feel free to like and share!

Booking Appointments:

Our GP clinic is open, near-by and here to help support you in any way that we can. We are aware that this is a time of increased stress. If you have any symptoms that are concerning you then please call us to book an appointment with one of our doctors.

Changes in doctor appointments:

At this point in time the consultations with our doctors are taking place in the surgery more and more, when safe to do so. Phone consultations are proving to be very useful when we decide that bringing you down to the surgery isn’t needed. We are extremely conscious of your safety and are taking every measure we can to ensure it.  After you have checked in, you are welcome to wait in your car if you prefer that to the waiting room and the doctor/nurse will meet you at the building entrance in that case. We would encourage you to bring and wear your own face covering. Please bear with us if we are running a bit behind. We need to clean the room between consultations and this takes time.

If you have symptoms suggestive of Covid 19 then we will speak to you over the phone and there will be no charge for your consultation or for referral for testing for Covid 19 if it is needed. Click here to see the latest updates on Covid 19 from the HSE.

Our admin team can take payment (if applicable) over the phone or via a payment link that we can send via email. This is to avoid you needing to interact face to face with our admin team. Receipts can also be emailed. Prescriptions will also be sent directly to your nominated pharmacy by email.

Nursing Appointments:

We are still doing our routine childhood vaccinations, antenatal checks, and 2 and 6 week checks. Other vaccines and injections are also going ahead. Investigations like bloods, ECGs and 24 hour blood pressure monitors are also still taking place when needed.

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Why Choose Us As Your GP Surgery?

We Care:
We aim to provide clinically excellent care that is holistic and focused on the patient. We work hard to try to build a rapport with our patients and maintain a good patient-doctor relationship.

Quality Care:
All of our doctors are members of the Irish College of General Practitioners. We are highly trained and experienced in the services we offer.

Our GP Surgery is well located at Newlands Cross, near Clondalkin village in D22, West Dublin. We are right next door to a pharmacy.

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Our reputation is extremely important to us and this is how we grow our practice. This ensures focus on delivering patient-centred care at all times.

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